about me

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My goal is to help you grow so you can get more out of your potential.

After many years in the fashion industry I chose to take a new direction. My passion is being able to work with engaging and inspiring people, and I have always been fascinated by those who work extra hard to achieve their dreams. Those who are fearless, have faith in themselves and have the courage go out of their comfort zone. What do they do differently, and how can others learn from them? I wanted to learn more and decided to take a certification as a mental trainer to immerse myself in the subject.

My interest in mental training started 10 years ago when I experienced an unexpected loss in my life. My brother and best friend suddenly died 23 years old. My life was turned upside down and I struggled with negative and destructive thoughts, had many unanswered questions and felt lost.

After a couple of years I realized that it was only up to myself to pull my life together and come back to being "old me"  who was full of inspiration and big dreams. I went deep into the psychology world, read many books, took courses, and worked long and systematic with mental training.

In my professional career, I have worked several years in Human Resources in Northern Europe's largest fashion group with almost 11,000 employees. I went further into the fashion industry where we built up and distributed several international brands in Norway. My philosophy all the way has been to focus on and understand the people I work with.

Now I live in Bali with my husband and our 2 children, and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. My goal is to help you grow, be stronger so that you can get more out of your potential. My approach is always completely individualized to best suit your needs and goals. I know that change is possible, and I will support and guide you through our work together. "



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